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THC Vape™ Electronic Cigarettes


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THC. 'Transkei Health Care' Vape™ for all electronic cigarettes. Smoke weed wherever you would use your electronic cigarette.

THC Vape™ Smoke weed wherever you would use your electronic cigarette! Contact THC, 'Transkei Health Care. Email:

Contact THC Vape™ Email:

High Content THC Vape. Cannabis Oil will damage almost 99% of e-cigs. 

All oil based liquid blocks electronic devices.

(THC Infused Glycerine) We infuse the cannabis into the natural glycerine just like liquid tobacco is produced. 

Purchase our Branded Vape or we will supply your own Bespoke Vape to suite your requirements.

Bottles from 50ml - 75ml or150ml. Larger amounts also available. 

Ready to use with any electronic cigarette. Cannabis oil will damage most e-cigarettes.

We guarantee that our THC Vape will supports all known brands of electronic cigarettes.